Stainless steel necklace with cloissone accent from Blend CreationsMy birthday is coming up soon. Okay, two months. But why wait until the last minute to start dropping hints about wanting a new piece of jewelry? And by hints I mean Honey, get me a Torus necklace this year or sleep with one eye open.

First let me say that these gorgeous, spinning, stainless steel necklaces from CMP favorite Blend Creations are the perfect mix of modern, elegant, and versatile. Plus affordable — they’re all around $75. The center sphere rotates freely as you move, and I am madly in love with the Red cloisonné pendant (shown). However, if my husband happened to buy me the Green Sea Fossil, or the Agate necklace I would be thrilled.

You also get to choose which chain length you prefer.

Sweetie, if you’re reading this, I’d like 16″. –Betsy

Check out the entire collection of Torus necklaces at Blend Creations and save 15% off purchases of $100 or more with discount code CMP2009

Congratulations to Ariel J., Alice H., and Dawn I., lucky winners of the Torus necklace!