Hippo Hooray educational iPhone app for kidsMy husband is taking my two kids on a transatlantic flight all by himself, bless him. My contribution to the experience is my iPhone, fully loaded with toddler-distracting applications.

Three of the iPhone apps I have lined up for her are Hippo Hooray‘s Colors, Shapes, and Letters, which are gorgeously done and quite absorbing. Simple premise: The hippo tells you what to touch (letter, color, or shape) and congratulates when you’ve chosen correctly.

Aside from the beautiful graphics, the true touch of genius is in their selection of older children’s voices for the apps. I’ll tell you what, my daughter worships kids a few years older than her, and to hear a 10 year old voice say “awesome!” when she does it right makes her squeal with pride.

In fact, in addition to helping her learn her numbers, shapes, and colors, these apps have taught her how to say “awesome!” and “so cool!” in that perfect 10 year old intonation. Good luck to my husband with that on the flight. –Carrie

Find the awesome Hippo Hooray iPhone apps for children from the iTunes store.

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