Knuckleheads flannel boys jacketBecause my own brood is rather estrogen heavy, whenever I see the cool stuff from Knuckleheads I think, hm . . .any boys I need to shop for these days?

Their new plaid flannel boys’ jacket is right on trend this year what with the Nirvana-Lumberjack redux that’s hitting the shelves. And actually, girls could get away with it too. If they live in Vermont. (Kidding Vermont! Love your maple syrup.) The grandpa cardigan is pretty adorable too, if pricey, but I’d imagine you’ll get a whole lot of use out of it.

Also I just caught a whole lot of their new spring line at a kids apparel trade show and lucky you, mamas of boys, you’re in for some treats. No more complaining about how there are no good clothes for boys out there, okay? –Liz

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