Fran's Dark Hot ChocolateThe weather has taken a turn for the worse in New York this week, dropping suddenly into the 40s for no good reason except, apparently, to torment me. And like that, all thoughts have turned from ice cream to hot chocolate.

Obviously there’s the store-bought hot chocolate packets with the petrified marshmallows, but for chocolate snob DIYers who like to melt down the good stuff and add it to heated milk, allow me to introduce you to the Dark Hot Chocolate from Fran’s Chocolates. While I haven’t tried it myself, I am a huge fan of their salted caramels and if this 65% Venezuelan chocolate comes even close, we’ll be in good shape. Besides, it won outstanding hot beverage at this summer’s Fancy Foods Show and that’s counts for a lot.

Your kids will hate you for saving this one until they’re asleep. Small price to pay. –Liz

Find gourmet hot chocolate online from Fran’s Chocolates.