Sunchower Emporium Jams at FoodzieDo you hear that sound? It’s my hips expanding.

I know I’m going to rue the day I discovered Foodzie, the marketplace for hand-crafted and artisan foods. Whereas my resolve is unwavering when I pass the fun-size candy bars in the supermarket aisle (Full of chemicals! I don’t need them!), how can I resist chai tea granola pecan bars or a box of bacon candies? Why, not only are these artisan candies and snacks made from the finest ingredients, I’d be supporting small businesses.

It’d practically be an altruistic act, is my point.

Of course, if your sweet tooth is less powerful than mine, you can also explore beverages, spices, dairy, produce — whatever you might want to eat, they have it, straight from the source. Including a whole section of gourmet food gifts right in time for the holidays.

Larger size jeans are, sadly, not included. -Mir

Check out Foodzie, for artisan foods online. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

[photo: sunchowder exotic jams]