Oh! by Josse GoffinBrowsing the Picasso Museum gift shop in Barcelona last week (I know, totally rubbing it in) I came across the most wonderful little book called Oh! by Josse Goffin. I had an idea that my two year-old wouldn’t be able to put it down and indeed, that’s just how it’s played out.

Each spread has a colorful, happy, quirky illustration of one thing — say, a smiling moon — but when you open a flap it reveals the moon transforming into something totally new and wonderful and weird, like a snake holding a paddle ball racket. Each page conceptually leads to the next, forming a sort of mobius strip of a story that brings you right back to the beginning. There’s no text, making it’s great for imagination building and conversation starters, whether your kids are of early reading age or not quite yet.

It seems like Oh! is now being reprinted, so I can’t imagine for the life of me why someone is trying to sell it for $49 new on Amazon. Check publisher Harry Abrams website for when it’s available again, or grab one of the used copies for 6 bucks. I paid twice that and I still feel like I got my Euro’s worth. –Liz

Find Oh! by Jesse Goffin at our affiliate amazon or through publisher Harry Abrams when it’s back in stock.