Pour Deux maternity for two birth month candles
One of the most common questions we get is from people looking for gifts to celebrate a second or third-time mom. She doesn’t necessarily need all new blankets and clutch toys, but still a little something to acknowledge the happy occasion is called for.

I was just turned onto the elegant soy wax Birth Month Candles from mom-run Pour Deux, and they fit the bill rather nicely. All twelve double-wick soy candles have the nice light scent of baby powder mixed with jasmine and citrus – gently sweet and definitely feminine, but not entirely cloying either. Each one is labeled by month, and describes in a horoscope sort of way what you can expect from your May or June or September baby, so you can daydream about the perfection that is to come.

In other words, not one of them says Babies born this month like to pinch their sisters and scream when you turn off the television during dinner. Ignorance really is bliss when you’re pregnant, eh?  –Liz

Find the Birth Month Candles from Pour Deux online at eco-friendly boutique Jillybean Green
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