Halloween spider-themed hat from Etsy
Happy Halloween, mamas! For those of us who like Halloween every day, we present to you a completely random assortment of cool, creepy, spider themed items we uncovered on Etsy.

The hand felted wool hat from Maybel57 (above) has a little cluster of spiders gracefully dancing down the sides. They make me think of Charlotte’s Web and I assume they are all very smart and spell well.

These finger puppets from WeeKnit are the cutest. You can have a different bug on each finger or ask for
an entire set of spiders. Or yellow-striped caterpillars. Plus they’re washable, which is so convenient after they are covered in Cheetos crumbs. (Just me? Okay.)

I don’t want a real spider
on my shirt, but a detailed spider print on my shirt is awesome. This spider shirt from Look For Fiddleheads is a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester and will make you look like the coolest mom at the Boy Scouts meeting. At least to the Boy Scouts.

Maybe you have a friend who borrowed your stroller,
didn’t return it for three weeks and then when she did, there was a
huge stain in the seat. Maybe your kid loves all things creepy crawly. Or maybe you just like to see your mother-in-law jump and
scream when she reaches for a slice of cheese. I’m not here to judge. This 10″ square spider plate by Custom Sepia might be just what you need, even after Halloween is long gone. -Leah

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