gold globe charm from Heather MooreI know it’s exorbitant. I know it’s indulgent. But when I saw the handmade solid gold globe charms from Heather B. Moore jewelry recently, I just fell in love. You can customize them with teeny diamond (or two or ten) in a spot you choose, which is just the most amazing way to commemorate the birthplace of a child, the city you first got engaged, or the country you’d love to visit one day had you not spent $13,325 on the globe.

Okay, that’s the price for the large white gold charm shown here. The smaller ones start around $2600.

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For those of you who can afford it, more power to you. Enjoy your beautiful jewelry while I just sit here and envy you from afar. –Liz

Find the gold globe charms and other incredible custom jewelry all made from recycled metals, from Heather Moore Jewelry.