Formal boys' clothes for the holidays
I generally prescribe to the “small boys are suitably dressed up for the holidays when wearing a cute sweater” school of thought, but sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes even little boys must wear a tie to be suitably (get it?) attired.

Okay, so a tie may not scream “free spirit” to your wild child, but if he’s going to wear a tie, he should get the coolest tie around — say, a kid-sized version from one of Dad’s favorite shops? When we recommended Cyberoptix Tie Lab in last year’s holiday gift guide they only made ties for the big boys. This year, they’re offering toddler and children’s ties too.

The screen-printed snowflake tie pictured here would be perfect for whatever holiday gatherings require your little guy to look dapper. And it’s great way for even those of us in warmer climes to let it snow. -Mir

Check out the kids ties from Cyberoptix on Etsy.

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