Christmas Stockings from RikRakIn our family, Christmas stockings have always been a really important aspect of our family tradition. Even on years we skip the tree for whatever reason, those stockings just make the house feel festive and fun. So I really love seeking out terrific Christmas stockings for our readers that their families will truly love.

We’ve seen a lot of cool stockings over the years like the ones from Ahna Holder or the custom Kata Golda stockings on our holiday gift guide this year. But the Christmas Stockings from RikRak studios, made of eco-friendly fabric created out of recycled plastic bottles, are really speaking to me right now, especially considering they start at just $18.

The vibrant, cheery ecospun felt designs feel modern and fresh, but still timeless. You can even pick the colors and style you want, so if you’ve got a daughter who only likes pink, you won’t traumatize her for life with something as horrible as red and green. There are also adorable personalized stockings but get your order in soon because it’s about 10 days turnaround plus another 4-7 days to ship to the states from Ottawa.

Recycled ecospun christmas stocking by RikRakI haven’t seen the stockings in person, but judging artist Kristal Davis’s etsy buyer feedback, you’re in good hands. At 11″ long I’d imagine they’re not going to hold as many stocking stuffers as we used to all get back in our pre-kid, pre-recession days. But eh. These days I’m just happy with a chocolate Santa or two. Maybe some bubbles.  –Liz

Find handmade to order ecospun felt Christmas Stockings online from RikRak
and if you order now, buy three and the fourth is free – but only through Sunday, November 22.

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