Shokay hand knit chain necklaceLooking around the Shokay e-shop recently, it turns out one of our favorite fair trade purveyors of luxury hand knit baby clothes are doing beautiful things with accessories now too.  Kristen and I pretty much gasped simultaneously when we saw their link floral necklace. It can even be customized in any colors which is amazing.

If you’ve spent any time anywhere remotely hip recently – even if it’s
just buried in the pages of your favorite fashion magazine while you’re
nursing – you’ll know that woven and fabric necklaces are the new hot
thing. It’s such a great way to layer on more jewelry for festive occasions, without feeling like everything is shiny. In other words, keep the blingy earrings and the metal bangles, and add something woven to keep things interesting.

No doubt you can find other gorgeous fabric jewelry for less money on Etsy, although I’d imagine this may be the only necklace hand-woven out of cashmere-like yak hair cultivated by Himalayan herders through a fiber cooperative that helps support the formerly impoverished Hei Ma He village. Now that’s a backstory –Liz

Find the link floral necklace and more luxury hand-knit gifts from Shokay.

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