Handmade wool children's slippers
With the weather getting cooler (yes, even here in Atlanta) my barefoot kiddos are sporting some pretty chilly tootsies. I perused a few stores for some kids’ slipper options, only to find gigantic square cars and other impractical licensed character footwear. I decided my kids’ feet deserved better.

Lo and behold, the ridiculously cute kids’ slippers from mom-own Philadelphia Etsy shop, Wooly Baby, appeared. These are no ordinary slippers – crafted by hand from recycled lambswool sweaters, every pair is one of a kind. In fact they are completely made to order to fit kids up to about 4 years old. And the soft upcycled wool is bound to keep your kiddo’s feet toasty all winter long, while the leather soles will keep anyone from “ice skating” around on your floors.

I guess that means kid could technically wear these slippers outside. Not that my kids have ever worn their slippers out in public. Ahem. -Kristen

Check out the handmade, upcycled wool slippers for kids and babies at Wooly Baby

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