As if you needed any other reason than preservation of all sanity to avoid the lines at the malls today, we thought we’d remind you just a few of the reasons why we simply love shopping online.

1. Shopping in your slippers. Even the old, nasty ratty slippers. (In which case, may we interest you in a pair of new ones?)

2. Discounts that are good beyond some ungodly hour of the morning when you should still be asleep. In fact, the discounts on our holiday gift guide and ultimate baby shower gift guide are all good through December 31. Not that you should wait that long to do your Christmas shopping.

3. Free snacks, whoo!

4. One click comparison-shopping thanks to your personal shopper, Mr. Google.

5. No hassle potty breaks with your kids. In fact, that should probably be #1.

6. Save your gas, save the earth.

7. Ask your favorite germaphobe what lurks on the handles of those shopping carts sometime. Or maybe, don’t.

8. No toddler tantrums. Unless it’s your own child. In which case eh, just move to another room.

9. You can’t find 98% of our holiday picks at the mall.

Sleep in, mamas! We’ve got a slew of great deals in our Holiday Gift Guide that will still be here tomorrow.

[photo: baggu]

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