Holiday Checklist card from paper culture
One of the challenges to sending out holiday cards is that I either end up buying a bunch of Christmas, a bunch of Hanukkah and some horribly generic “Holiday” cards. Not only does it get expensive, but I end up with a bunch of leftovers that I stick somewhere for safe keeping only to forget them the following year. The Holiday Checklist cards from CMP fave Paper Culture are the perfect solution to my holiday card quandary.

Order these chic, simple, stylish cards to wish those you love precisely what you want to wish them. Just check the phrases that apply, or even change them–they’re cool like that–and one of their real, live, honest-to-God designers will send you a proof within a day or two. I’m a big fan of the rounded corners, and high-quality recycled stock–plus they’ll even mail out your cards for only the cost of the stamps. I think I’m in love.

Now if you’re sending any out to your Jewish friends, be sure to order soon; Hanukkah starts December 11th. But hey, look on the bright side–if you don’t get them out by then, you can always customize it to say “Belated Hanukkah.”–Betsy

Check out the great selection of stylish Holiday cards at Paper Culture.


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