Pixar's Knick Knack animated short

Well kids, gather round and let me tell you about an animated short film about a desk lamp, that came out in 1986. Sound boring? No way. It was the first glimpse of what the future of CGI would look like, created by a (then) little-known company called Pixar. You may have heard of them.

Without exaggeration, Pixar revolutionized the world of animated children’s movies and made some pretty hilarious other short films before they went on to bring us Toy Story and Wall-E. As part of ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas mega-event they will be airing a two-hour special of 20 of Disney Pixar’s finest, premiering on December 2nd from 7pm-9pm.

Go set your DVR’s immediately. Done? Great.

Seriously, do not deprive your kids from seeing classics like LUXO, Jr. the desk lamp that started it all, to more recent creations like Burn-E and Mater the Greater which are spin-offs from Wall-E and Cars. My all time favorite still remains Knick Knack (pictured above). I can’t wait to see what my son’s will be. –-Betsy

Don’t miss the Disney Pixar 2-hour special, premiering on December 2nd on ABC Family, part of their 25 Days of Christmas.