Bunk Bots
I’d like to make this holiday the Year Of Fewer Batteries, which could be a bitter pill to swallow for my little robot-aholic who hopes to add a few droids, bots or even a ridiculous robotic hamster to his collection. He’s in luck, though, because I’ve rounded up loads of great no-battery robot gifts that should make everyone happy.

A cuddly, quiet robot may sound like an oxymoron, but to my son, his Pinch robot from Bunk Bots (above) is a devoted pal who wards off all that’s scary in the night.

Robot backpack from Dante Beatrix

The playful Robot Backpack and Lunchbox from Dante Beatrix may make going back to school after the long break a little more fun.

Piperoids buikd-your-own paper robots

The coolest new building toy needs just a pair of scissors to turn a few colorful rods of paper into a whole galaxy of eco-friendly Piperoids. Probably best for older kids (or kiddish adults) but the younger ones can help with their toddler scissors. (via Inhabitots)

Robotcha tee

The cool robot designs on the long or short-sleeved Robotcha tees will be
on them faster than you can say, “what about the holiday vest!”. I love
the glow-in-the-dark styles although I suspect my son will be checking
this out in the closet for the rest of the day.

Educational Solar Kit

The 6 in 1 Educational Solar Kit may have a bo—ring name, but trust us that older kids will be totally into making their own, moving robots that need nothing but the sun (or a 100-watt halogen light for us northerners) to make it go.

Reusable lunch bag, with robots!

Toby+Rei makes the robot lunch sacks that make robot lovers actually want to finish their sandwiches. Especially if you’re serving PB & WD40.

Mr Robot Head

Like the eco-friendly version of Operation, Mr. Robot Head by Ecotronics
lights up when the metal wand touches the metal antannae. But, no
batteries are needed to make this robot blink and buzz: a hand crank
gives him all the power he needs.

Eeboo Robot Cards

Even the smallest storytellers will love Eeboo’s colorful, imagination-provoking Little Robots Mission Tell Me A Story cards. Pass them around the room and let everyone in on the story. -Christina

For more great robot gifts for kids, just search our archives for robots – we’ve got plenty!

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