Grinch iPhone ApplicationI have to admit I’m a bit of an iPhone app addict, but even though the number of smart phone apps are growing into the hundreds of thousands I generally think that there are only a dozen or two that are worthwhile. The Dr. Seuss Camera–Grinch Edition iPhone app is totally one of those.

Select a card and use your built in camera to add yourself, or loved one to the picture. It’s incredibly fun and easy. My son instantly became The Grinch and my husband the put-upon pup, Max. Then you can choose a funky “Seussian” border treatment and add little stamps and doodads to complete your masterpiece. Once you’re finished send it out to your entire holiday email list as a Grinchmas card with the push of a button, and store a copy of it to show to all your friends. In a totally non-annoying way, of course.

Although technically it’s a Christmas-themed app, it’s so much fun that your kids will have a great time using all year round. My only complaint is that I wish they had included at least one Hanukkah card, even if it’s not exactly true to the story. But trust me, receiving one of these e-cards will make even the Grinchiest of relatives’ hearts grown ten sizes bigger.–Betsy

Download the Dr. Seuss Camera Grinch Edition iPhone app from the photography category on iTunes.