Redbox video rental service kiosk
Sure, there’s no shortage of ways to rent movies nowadays; whether you go in-store, via mail service, or even streaming over the Internet. Still, ’tis the season to be mindful of where every penny is going, so maybe it’s time to check out Redbox, which is a kiosk-based $1 movie-rental service.

Basically, you reserve your movie online, then pick it up at a kiosk, generally in chains like Kroger and Walgreens. But of course, make sure there’s one near you before you sign on. (There are 50 in Atlanta where I live.) The movie selection isn’t massive, but it is fairly up to date with choices now including Up, Julie & Julia, and Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince.

But can it really be as cheap as $1/movie? Actually, it’s even better–there’s a steady stream of discount codes available from sites such as Inside Redbox, and using them means you actually get rentals for free. It may not turn you into a millionaire, or anything, but it sure fills the impromptu-family-movie-night gap without emptying your wallet. -Mir

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