Rogue Confections custom chocolates
Every year it becomes a challenge as to how to make my daughter’s artistic talent into an awesome holiday gift. This holiday season’s winner is the design your own chocolates from Rogue Confections which I had the chance to taste test at the One of a Kind Show in NYC this past weekend.

The process is simple – download and print their template and let your kiddos decorate the six circles, and the folks at Rogue will turn their masterpieces into your choice of six white, milk, or dark chocolates. Then you get to wow your kid’s teacher, grandparents, or whoever else is lucky enough to get a box of these treats.

And while these design-your-own chocolates are definitely not a cheap gift (fees include a set-up and per box charge), they’re certainly memorable. And very, very tasty.  -Kristen

Visit Rogue Confections and check out their gorgeous handmade chocolates including the design your own collection – but get those orders in by Friday 12/18 to make holiday delivery!

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