Noko Baby girls dress
Last night I was yapping with my sister-in-law about holiday dresses, when I clicked over to the Noko Baby site to show her some of my all-time favorite dressy dresses for girls. And wouldn’t you know it, I get an email this morning, letting me know that for the first time ever, all the dresses are all discounted by 25%.

Even if you’ve already got your Christmas clothes and New Year’s Clothes and Valentine’s Day clothes picked out for your girls this year (I’ve heard there are in fact moms like this out there, even if I don’t know any) it’s worth a look. These Japanese inspired clothes from two Tokyo expat moms look stunning any time of year. Grab one of the pima cotton sundresses and get a head start on summer. Or just order the velvet and get thinking about Christmas ’10. Yes, I went there. –Liz

Visit Noko Baby and save 25% off all the girls’ dresses through 12/31/09!

Order by 12/21 5PM PST to make priority mail, or by 12/23 and you can make UPS overnight in time for Christmas


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