This is the second in a series of sponsored posts about organization for MomAgenda, makers of fabulous looking, smartly designed organizers including the ultra swanky Personal Portfolio, which has been called the Cadillac of MomAgendas. Cadillac should be honored.

MomAgenda Personalized Portfolio organizer for moms
One of the things we like to do as the new year rolls around is get our handbags and diaper bags better organized. Time to toss the wayward pennies and dump out all those Cheerios crumbs that are littering the bottom and end up under your nails every time you dig around for a spare binkie. (We know, it’s hard to part with those crumbs. They become like members of the family.)

1. Give everything a permanent home. Use pockets for easy access to a cell phone, a pen, a travel pack of diaper wipes, or whatever you tend to need quickly. Wallets, planners and spare diapers can go in the main compartment. It’s also nice to keep keys separate so they don’t scratch up everything else in your bag.

2. Purge purge purge. Once a week or so, take inventory of your
bag and dump the change, the dirty tissues, and the other stuff you don’t need. (Looking at you, frequent coffee-drinker card from the cafe that closed six months ago.) The American Chiropractic Association recommends bags stay under 3 pounds but uh . . . yeah. Just do your best.

3. Pouches are your friend. While mesh and cotton can be lightweight, consider nylon or leather, which are strong and wipeable. In other words, impervious to sippy cup leakage. Also, an empty wet bag or reusable nylon shopping bag that folds up teeny can be a lifesaver and you’ll use it more than you think you will.

4. Personal organizers are like extra pockets. Magical extra pockets. Use yours to stash receipts, coupons, business cards, and sales slips. It can also take the place of a spare notepad and all those shopping lists scribbled on the backs of envelopes. Can you tell we love pockets?

5 Emergency crayon. Always have one. Enough said.

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One of the reasons we love and actually use the momAgenda planners
ourselves is because they were created by a mom of four who knows what
moms need to make chaotic lives easier.
Also? We love that they’re giving our readers an extra 20% savings off the already discounted  Personal Portfolio (as well as everything else at momAgenda INCLUDING express shipping) with code MOMCOOL through 12/31. Or if your order is no rush, simply get free ground US shipping on all orders.

Congratulations to Maria W., lucky winner of the MomAgenda Personal Portfolio!

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