Eco Number Wall Cards
I wouldn’t say I’m the mom who wanted my babies to come out of the womb speaking four languages and then send them to a tri-lingual preschool to learn a few more. But I do think it’s cool to see more and more children’s items available with multilingual options in our increasingly multicultural society.

Take the new Eco Number Wall Cards found at Hazel Wood Children. This set of lovely flashcards printed on recycled card stock makes beautiful nursery decor as wall art, or a great educational toy. The cards teach children count to ten with the help of sweet pastel trees, owls, and fishies, and not an Elmo in sight. What’s more, you can order the flashcards with the numbers featured in one of seven different languages which will make your Chinese auntie or your Italian Nonna very happy.

It’s a smart idea for for parents who want to tap into their child’s international heritage or simply fast track them to Harvard. Besides, you never know when it will come in handy to know how to say “six turtles” in Swedish. –Liz

Find the Eco Number Wall Cards at Hazel Wood Children.

Congratulations to Jorja C., lucky winner of a set of Eco Number Wall Cards!

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