Beatles finger puppets
We’re all singing Yellow Submarine in our sleep around here, thanks to Santa slipping Beatles Rock Band under the tree a few weeks ago. And really, there’s nothing much cuter than a three year-old belting “Paperback wriiiiiiiter” at the top of his lungs, unless he were to do it with a set of Beatles finger puppets.

The smart folks behind Brazil-based Pintassilgo Prints have hand created finger sized versions of John, George, Ringo, and whatshisname the cute one, dressed in their Sgt. Pepper best, along with the other George, their producer, for the Beatles-obsessed fan in your life.

If you’re not a devotee of the Fab 4 (blasphemy!), you can snag the Ramones or even Jack and Meg from the White Stripes. And so that they don’t get lost in the depths of your toy bin, you can use handy magnets to pop them up on the fridge when you’re done playing with them. Um, I mean your kids. Right. -Kristen

Check out the collection of cool handmade celebrity finger puppets at Pintassilgo Prints.

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