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As a former ad agency madman, I fully admit that I watch the Superbowl for the commercials. And to consume unhealthy snacks. But this year, it isn’t the little 30-second snippets that have me excited, it’s Pepsi’s decision to break a 23-year Superbowl streak, take their $20 million, and give it away.

Yes, Give. It. Away. And some of it could be yours if you have one good idea that could make the U.S., or even just your corner of it, a better place.

For all the deets go to but here is the basic scoop: Every month on the 1st, submit your idea for how you (or your non-profit if you already have one) would use grant money to help the environment, support education, the arts, a local food pantry or even just help clean up your neighborhood. Pepsi will accept the first 1000 submissions they receive.

The following month on the first, start voting for your favorite ideas. Those ideas with the highest votes will receive one of about 30 cash grants awarded monthly, and the cool thing is that you can resubmit your great idea again the next month if it isn’t chosen the first time. Even if you don’t have the big idea yourself, you can help insure those who do get your support.

Does this give Pepsi as much oomph as a few spots on the biggest television event of the year? If you are impacted by any one of the 350+ ideas to receive grant money in 2010, I’d say oh yeah.  And on Superbowl Sunday, I may have to celebrate this smart marketing decision by allowing a bit of caramel-colored HFCS into my house, just to wash down those nachos. -Christina

Visit Pepsi’s Refresh Everything website for details and an FAQ on their new grant-giving program.

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