Lil Scribblers
With three kids who keep having birthdays, I feel like I’m forever on the lookout for cool, affordable party favors that won’t end up immediately in the trash which is why when I saw the assortment of Lil Scribblers’ chunky crayons by Philly’s Lil Boo & Co., I knew I had struck birthday-party gold.

(And if you recognize the photo, yes – it’s the one we used to help promote our Valentine’s Day card design contest!)

Using only Crayola crayons for reliable color blending, Nicole of Lil Boo & Co. melts her crayons into the coolest shapes like chunky little cupcakes, Valentine’s Day-ready hearts, Lego-brick shapes and even race cars. And if you don’t see the shape you need on her Etsy site, check out her full list of available molds and then convo her your request.

You may be asking, Can’t I just make these myself by melting down old crayons? And sure, you can. But take it from me: I once attempted to melt down all the bits and nibs of crayons I had saved from the bottom of my kids’ art bin, and after spending way-too-much time peeling off tiny bits of paper and getting waxy crayon in my nails, I learned that not all crayons are created equal. I struggled with uneven melting and muddy colors–and possible lead issues. Eep.

So, do I think Lil Scribblers are worth it? Heck, yeah. -Christina

Visit Lil Boo & Co.’s Etsy site for her Lil Scribbler crayons. Check out her seasonal/holiday Lil Scribblers too.

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