Kids' crafts - woven potholders
I know you totally made little woven potholders when you were a kid. Or maybe you didn’t. But I did. And loved it. so I loved discovering that Blueberry Forest Toys sells inexpensive potholder looms that look remarkably similar to the one I used to use.

Perhaps it’s nerdy for me to get all excited about a potholder loom, but come on, a potholder loom! These things are cool!

The basic weaving required for these looms is easy and very fun to do (as in, my kids had better keep theirs hidden or I might be giving potholders to all my friends next Christmas). But it gives kids a great first-weaving experience and, in the process, teaches them simple math concepts like counting and patterning. Completed potholders can even be sewn together to create nifty things like doll beds, purses and placemats.

And unlike those scratchy neon polyester loops and the plastic loom I used to have, your kids will have the benefit of soft cotton or wool loops and a sturdy metal loom. So you might even like the finished products. Which is probably more than my mom can say. –Stephanie

Find old school style potholder looms from Blueberry Forest Toys.

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