conversation heart necklaceAfter yet another visit to the Beehive Co-op in Atlanta, Kristen ran home to tell me about some great new finds, and I’m starting to get jealous that the one in New York is up in Westchester and not in the city. Or better, Brooklyn. Right on my block.

I was really taken with the beautiful handcrafted sterling necklaces from Christine Kober including this sweet conversation heart necklace, right in time for Valentine’s Day. You can choose any number of engraved sayings, or customize your own for no extra charge. (Personally I’d like one that says OMG WTF but then I’d have to explain it to my kids.) In her etsy shop, I also like the ampersand necklace which would make a very subtle, cool Vday gift in that “you complete me” sort of a way.

Ampersand necklaceYou’ll also find nice looking initial necklaces in script, or in chunky sterling block letters inspired by refrigerator magnet letters, but looks to me more like Cooper Black. Eh, I’m a bit of a type geek. –Liz

Find sterling necklaces from Christine Kober at Beehive Coop, or at the Christine Kober etsy shop