Masala Baby
The new spring 2010 line from Masala Baby is fusion at its finest. A little bit of the New York urban vibe mixed with a lot of Indian spiciness and tradition. Blended together, they create one of the coolest kids clothing collections I’ve ever feasted my eyes upon.

True to its name, Masala Baby combines bright, bold colors, sophisticated styles (great for boys like mine who may not always want a giant truck emblazoned on the front of everything) and practical pieces that will keep both moms and kids happy–babies too–with their stylish, yet fun, aesthetics.

And does your daughter drool over spinny dresses? In time for spring, the Gypsy Raani dress will satiate her hunger and then some. Beautiful orange and pink pair together to create a swirly delight that even my son would be jealous of. (But that’s really another story.)

Masala baby onesies
Tunics are cut a little shorter so they can be worn with pants; kimono-style onesies are a cut above the average baby basics; traditional fabrics and techniques are used in a modern, playful way. And, well, every delectable color makes me hungrier than the last. Turmeric and saffron and cloves, oh my! 


Find funky, Indian-inspired children’s and baby clothes at Masala Baby and save 20% with code “friends” through 3/31/10

Congratulations to Alicia A, lucky winner of the Raani Medalion Tunic Dress!

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