HOTMilk lingerie nursing braSince the first time I breastfed back in 2004, nursing bras have come a verrrrry long way from the boring hefty brassiere I was stuck with. Now you even can snazz things up with a little satin and lace.

Perennial nursing bra fave Bravado! Designs has added a sexier bra to their mix of well-designed bras and tanks with the Sublime, a lacy but subtle new choice (love the wine color!). It’s definitely on the daintier side and the lace detail over the decolletage might end up showing more than you normally would if you’re uh, well endowed. That’s not always a bad thing.

On a similar front, New Zealand-based HOTmilk lingerie turns things up a notch with their gorgeous lacy designs, and it’s no surprise this pricier line is a celebrity favorite. Even with the heartier banding, you still can’t pick the lovely Age of Allure bra (pictured) out of a bra line-up as being a breastfeeding bra.

Depending on your size, shape, and taste, these breastfeeding bras are a definite pick-me-up (ha). Breastfeeding sexy? Absolutely. -Kristen

Purchase the Sublime Nursing Bra at Bravado! Designs, and check out the wide selection of HOTmilk lingerie at Australian based Ma Mere (and take advantage of the exchange rate!).