Silver Mary Jane Baby Shoes
Just because the holidays are behind us doesn’t mean it’s time to put away the sparkle. Especially when it’s as subtle as the lovely silver mary jane baby shoes from Chickpea Kids.

I fell in love with these butter-soft lambskin shoes when I first caught them at a trade show a few years back, but because they’re all handmade, they’re not in wide distribution. Thankfully, one of the great local Brooklyn kids’ shops, Acorn Toy Shop, has them on their site, along with a gold version. And if you want to up the ante (and double the price), you can get them as baby boots too.

Or, if you dare, cowboy boots.

They’re gorgeously made, and stretchy enough that you might get to use them longer than the 6-12 months they’re intended for. And if not? It’s a little indulgence that will make you smile every time you look at them. –Liz

Find the handmade baby shoes from Chickpea Kids at Acorn Toy Shop


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