Little Pim language learning iPhone app
I have this fantasy of one day living in Paris, in some old, sunwashed apartment on one of the old arrondissements. Trouble is, although I read French – a hangover from graduate studies – I don’t speak much of it, and what little of it I do speak is sloppily Canadian. If I’m going to live there, I’m going to need a translator, which is why I enrolled my daughter in French immersion kindergarten.

It’s also why I downloaded the Little Pim language learning application for my iPhone. My daughter loves playing games on my phone, especially word-based games, so the Word Bag app from this renowned child’s language series is perfect for her and helps support the Little Pim DVDs or works on its own.

The game is simple: Your child just clicks on Little Pim – a panda bear – and he takes items out of his bag and explains how to pronounce each word in French while the word itself pops up on the screen. There’s no win or lose or score; it’s just word-sharing, which makes it ideal for young children who just enjoy learning how to say and read the names of their favorite things.

Very handy for parents like me who hope to raise mini-translators. And the application features both French and Spanish, which means that if I decide to settle in Barcelona instead of Paris, we’ll be well prepared. –Catherine

Little Pim Word Bag application available for download at AppShopper or at iTunes; other Little Pim products available at the Little Pim website.

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