My daughter is a normal three-year-old: obsessed with being big, doing grown-up things, and wearing leotards for 90% of her life. Okay, so maybe the leotard thing isn’t normal, but it’s no wonder she gets bored with the same old princess coloring books and tired box of broken crayons. She wants to do big things. Real things.

That’s why I’m so excited about Art Projects for Kids, a free website with daily art projects for all ages that are different (crayons, shmayons), fun, and above all, real.

Most projects include a short lesson on a famous artist and then simple directions to create a high-impact project in that artist’s style. From Klee and Kandinsky to Warhol and O’Keeffe, these easy but impressive creations go way beyond macaroni necklaces.

For just $5, you can purchase the printable PDF for a large-scale coloring mural, and your mini-Matisse can recreate a famous painting that’s taller than your average kid. There are even instructions on how to mount your mural on canvas if you want to take over a playroom wall.

As an artist and former art teacher, I love the “Aha!” moment, when
little kids realize that they are artists with the ability to create
something amazing. ~Delilah

Find art projects for kids at the aptly named site, Art Projects for Kids

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