If Willie Wonka owned a skating rink, his disco ball would be a Candelier, and the Oompa Loompas would do synchronized skating in Gobstopper suits on a frozen chocolate lake, and…

What’s a Candelier? I’m glad you asked.

First our favorite imaginative furniture designer, Jellio, takes 5,000 sparkling acrylic gummi bears, then they hand-string them over the course of two months into a shimmering, brilliant rainbow of incandescent beauty. It’s 31 inches across. It weighs 50 pounds. There are only ten in the whole world.

Oh, and did I mention it’s a chandelier made of gummi bears?

Price available on request, so if you’re opening your own Bahamian resort kids club or if you’re a reclusive millionaire chocolatier who has everything else, please give the fine folks at Jellio a call. -Delilah

Find the Gummi Bear chandelier and other designs at Jellio.


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