Portable cooler bag by SoYoungMother
I still use the soft cooler that I bought 10 years ago to lug around bottles and baby food for things like fruit, yogurt and juice pouches. But there is no doubt that if I were buying one now I would look no further than the Cooler Bags by SoYoung.

I love the neutral linen exterior which is coated so it’s easy to wipe off. The retro designs on the front are a refreshing alternative to all the character-inspired bags I see out there, while the fully insulated interior works great, and isn’t made from the stuff that you know that you don’t want your kid’s food anywhere near–like phthalates and lead.

But my favorite thing about these coolers is how unbelievably well thought out they are.

They come with a long strap so you, or your child, can carry it like a messenger bag or a backpack. And, the adjustable handle allows you to hang it on your stroller or attach it to another bigger bag.

Insulated lunch bag with rocket motif
There’s also an adorable collection of insulated lunch boxes with the same great functionalities, just a different set of excellent designs. -Betsy

Find the cooler bags and lunch boxes at So Young.

Congratulations to Regina R, winner of the gray airplane lunchbox!

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