Recycled silver and gold earrings by Real JewelsMost people imagine Mother Earth being all Birkenstocky and granola eating, but me? I think Mother Earth has got it going on. And if she wore earrings, she might very well be wearing the Real Light collection from Real Jewels, a company with a conscience that designs jewelry to have minimal impact on the environment, while having maximum impact on the wearer.

The light, airy designs are made from recycled sterling silver, and gold to protect Mother Earth’s precious resources, and the 18-karat gold plating is completely nickel-free. Even the gemstones in the Real Gems collection are all fair-trade, including conflict-free diamonds.

There’s a big range of prices — some pieces are under $40, some over $400, so chances are you can find something that you love at a price you can deal with. With Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, besides Mother Earth, I can think of at least one other mother who might love a pair of dangle-y new earrings. I’ll give you a hint, Honey: It rhymes with “shme.”–Betsy

Check out the recycled gold and silver Real Light collection, the fair-trade precious stone Real Gems collection, and other lines of eco-friendly, totally gorgeous jewelry at Real Jewels.