I love the way my kids smell after their bath; all of their products — shampoo, soap, lotion — have light, fresh scents. Bath lines for grownups can be cloying in comparison, but baby bath products don’t work on my super dry skin. Thank goodness for the Glowology line of products from one of our favorites, Noodle and Boo. It’s a perfect marriage of clean scent and heavy duty moisturizers.

Glowology products — everything from a basic body wash and lotion to a delicious sugar scrub and super moisturizing body balm — are hypoallergenic and free of potentially harmful chemicals, which means they’re safe for moms and babies. But they are also luxurious, like a little spa in a tube; the Lovely Body Lotion (yes, that’s the name) has the most delicious vanilla scent — like cookies, honestly — and a rich, creamy texture that’s not the least bit greasy. Perfect.

The Glowology products are terrific on dry, irritated, or sensitive skin — or just on tired mommy skin. There’s no reason the kids should get all the delicious bath products; treat yourself to something yummy. -Susan

You can shop the full Glowology line — and all of Noodle and Boo’s skin care — at the Noodle and Boo website. And use code handsan10 for a free instant hand sanitizer with every purchase over $10 through 4/30/10 (not combined with other offers)

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