Babo the bunny won’t put up with animal testing. He wants everything to be vegan and organic, and he believes that hair and body solutions for kids should be just as high-quality as the products used by adults.

Sheesh, Babo. No wonder you started your own line.

Babo Botanicals is a line of delicious natural hair and body products made by hand on a certified organic farm in upstate New York. The brain behind Babo, Kate Solomon, has over 10 years of experience designing products for L’Oreal and Avon.

But here’s the most important thing: Everything smells phenomenal. And not the industry standard lavender/chamomile scent either. Yes, it’s great that the Berry Primrose Smoothing line can destroy tangles and de-frizz curls, but it’s the delicious odor of berries and flowers that won my love. And sure, the Cucumber and Aloe Vera Clean Sport line protects hair from the dangers of swimming and sun, but it’s the delectable scent of…bananas, coconut, and jolly green jungle?

Let’s just say it’s good there’s a warning not to eat the products on each bottle.

There are four paraben-free, phtalate-free, sulftate-free organic hair care formulations, including Oatmilk Calendula for the young, mild, and sensitive, and a lice shampoo, along with adorable fragrance-free baby bunny soaps and adorably packaged collections for the perfect baby shower gift. But the leave-in conditioners are the lifesaver for me, turning my daughter’s rat’s-nest-bedhead into gleaming, sweet-smelling curls as quick as a bunny. Thanks, Babo. -Delilah

You can shop for yummy Babo Botanicals online and get free shipping on all purchases over $75, or you can check out their list of retail locations

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