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I may put a few drops of food coloring into tonight’s frosty beverage of choice, but otherwise, the only green beer you’ll catch me
drinking will be from those innovative brewers who are keeping the environment in mind as they craft their brews. Yes mamas, we thought it would be fun to tip you off to a few ways to go “green” with your beer, that may even make the pain of a next-day headache a little easier to bear.

With a model green philosophy, Vermont’s Wolaver’s Certified Organic Ales
considers not only organic materials, but also energy, waste and the
local economy when making their beers. This means they do super smart
things like use free-air refrigerators to take advantage of Vermont’s
cold winter months, sell their spent grain as cattle feed and get their
ingredients from local providers.

California’s Eel River Brewing Company claims to be America’s First Certified Organic Brewery, but what wins me over is their willingness to experiment and come up with bold new flavors like their new Organic Acai Berry Wheat. But be careful near their Organic Triple Exultation with almost 10% alcohol by volume. Hey, no one send organic had to be wimpy, right?

Peak Organic Beer
Hailing from Maine, Peak Organic Brewing Company (right) offers food pairings for their beers so you’ll know to grab a Maple Oat Ale when making pulled pork, but it’s the Espresso Amber Ale when sitting down to a  bit of chocolate cake. I love that last year, they helped farmers cultivate their first harvest of organic commercial hops since the late 1800’s.

Want a beer with a small carbon footprint? How about one that is made in a brewery powered entirely by the wind: Uinta Brewing Company (above)may be hard to find outside of the Utah region, but it’s worth tracking down one of their all-natural beers made just from wind power.

And, while I prefer to support the little guys whenever possible, it’s nice to see the bigger brewers getting into the organic mix. Michelob’s Stone Mill Organic Pale Ale will have the benefit of a large distribution network. So, even when I’m out to dinner or at an event, I’ll be able to vote for organic beers with the green in my wallet. –Christina

Many of these beers can be
purchased from online beer retailers like Binny’s Beverage Depot and Half
Time Beverage
; just search for “organic beer” to see their selection.
Or reduce the distance your beer has to travel by supporting local businesses and brewers. And, mamas, we don’t
even have to tell you to drink responsibly, right?

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