tina frey resin vases
There were many moments over the past three months that I thought it would never happen but, at long last, spring is here.

(Once again: SPRING IS HERE!)

My girls and I celebrated yesterday with a trip to the small farmer’s market in our neighborhood, oohing and ahhing at the array of potted daffodils and begonias and tulips that colored the card tables. It reminded me that I need some new planters and vases. Something sunny and bright and optimistic and very very spring.

I love these hand-finished, sculpted resin vases by Tina Frey Designs at Design Public,with their organic shapes and transluscent exteriors that remind me of popsicles. The lemon yellow is particularly happy-making, but I think the charcoal and white versions are rather elegant. And the resin means they’re mostly safe from children and curious pets.

If the prices are too rich for your blood, look around the Design Public Outlet where you can find open items and samples up to 80% off. Someone else’s “oops, wrong color” might be your gain. –Liz

Find sustainable housewares and lots of modern loveliness at Design Public.

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