The Republic of Tea Be Well Red TeasI’ve heard that there are some mythical women out there who are gorgeous, relaxed, happy, full of energy, with beautiful hair and nails, clear skin, and passionate sex lives. Oh, and who never have gas or constipation issues. If you are one of those women, you can skip to the next post, because this tea isn’t for you.

For women like me, the kind who need a little help now and then, The Republic of Tea has created a collection of teas that addresses the needs of us mortal women. All 17 of the teas in the Be Well Red Tea collection have yummy beneficial herbs added to a base of Rooibos Red tea, which is caffeine-free and known for its high levels of antioxidants.

The teas have clever names like Get Maternal, which is designed for pregnant and new moms (and featured in our Baby Shower Gift Guide), Get Heart, which boosts cardio health, Get It Going, for, um, making things a little more regular, and Get Lost, for help shedding those few extra pounds we non-mythic creatures may still be carrying around post childbirth. Or very post childbirth.

Bonus? The teas taste delicious. Double-bonus? I found that forcing myself to stop and drink a cup of tea made me stop and drink a cup of tea. As in: Stop And Drink a Cup of Tea. Delightful. -Carrie

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