Sweet dolls mini crochet dolls
If you’ve got a five-year-old daughter (or thereabouts) then you know the story well. Someone (*coughGrandmomcough*) buys her Polly Pockets and you end up spending most of your time searching for the ridiculously small shoes in your vacuum filter.

So, I’m always on the look out for similar alternatives, like these adorable hand crocheted mini dolls from Sweet Dolls. Even though they’re a bit bigger than their plastic counterparts, I’m pretty sure in this case, size doesn’t really matter. They’re fun, fashionable (hello, pink hair!), and best of all, I’m guessing they’d be easier for little hands to dress and undress a couple of hundred times an hour. 

Depending on which doll you choose (or custom order – cool right?), you just need some Thumbelina clothes to make them complete. But even this fairly uncrafty mama could probably sew up a few little tunics or simple dresses for these cuties. Anything to avoid my nemesis: Teeny tiny plastic clothes. -Kristen

Visit Sweet Dolls for a lovely, diverse (yay!) selection of mini play dolls.


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