starbucks coffee
I’m definitely a fan of free stuff, especially when it’s free Starbucks coffee on Tax Day, which will help take that sting of sending out that check today just a teeny bit.

This little goodie for us java addicts is actually part of Starbucks’ very cool green project called “The Big Picture” in which they are encouraging folks to ditch the paper cups and bring their own reusable mugs. Don’t think losing your one little paper cup will make a difference? The collective effort is already saving 24 trees a day, and counting.

(Last we checked there were more than a few Starbucks out there.)

And so today after you drop your taxes off at the post office–that’s not just me, right?–bring your own coffee cup or travel mug to your local Starbucks and enjoy a free cup of coffee. Or, based on how the lines tend to be to mail last minute taxes, you might want to go beforehand. -Kristen

Learn more about The Big Picture at the Starbucks website, and for more cool tax day deals, make sure you’re following Cool Mom Picks on Twitter. We’ll be tweeting our favorite deals all day long.

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