visualingual Seed BombsWhen I get old and have nothing to lose, I plan to become a world-famous graffiti artist. My goals? To beautify the world and subvert The Man. Until then, I can satisfy my lust for guerrilla aesthetic do-gooding with seed bombs by visualingual on Etsy.

We’re not talking “KABOOM!” bombs. We’re talking plump balls of soil stuffed full of seeds. Even for a black-thumbed ninny like me, it’s easy: Order one of three different mixes based on your area of the country. Wait impatiently for the mailman. Open the adorable, hand-silkscreened muslin bag. Throw one of the five seed bombs into an area in dire need of beautification– next door neighbors with the black lagoon pool, I’m talking to you. And then wait for a collection of native bird, bee, and butterfly-friendly flowers to burst into bloom.

Now’s the time to order and bomb, my friends. Do it for that ugly patch of ground in the city. Do it for a friend’s neglected flower box. Do it for  your own backyard. At only $7, it’s a great way to spread beauty in the most naughty way possible.~Delilah

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