Nook Sleep Systems - eco-friendly baby and toddler bedding
I’ve been known to be a bit, shall we say, obsessive, when it comes to finding healthy, environmentally-friendly products for my children. So when I stumbled upon Nook Sleep Systems, a brand-new line of baby and toddler mattresses and bedding, I was overjoyed for two reasons. One, these products look amazing. Two, turns out I’m not the only one obsessing over the health of my children.

Nook will surely get any eco-mama drooling as much as I am. From an adorable eucalyptus and organic cotton Toddler Pillow, to a precious organic cotton NapSack, I love it all. But the piece de resistance? The Pebble Mattress.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010
This is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Though I haven’t specifically tested it (my kids are beyond the crib phase), I’m going gaga over all of the incredible features, like a removable surface layer of the mattress that not only looks exceptionally awesome, it also maximizes the breatheability of the mattress by allowing air to flow in the valleys between all of those amazing pebbles. Neat, huh? 
It’s also water and stain-resistant. So if there’s a middle of the night accident (which we all know there will be), you just wipe it up.

The mattress itself is made from a latex core, and uses the natural fire-resistance of wool instead of relying on those chemicals and a special air-circulation layer. They’ve seriously thought of everything.

Okay, so a mattress this amazing doesn’t come cheap, although the prices were recently reduced. But for the peace of mind I’d have knowing my children are sleeping on the most amazing mattress in the world, I think it’s a totally justifiable investment. –Stephanie

Find safer, eco-friendly baby mattresses online from upon Nook Sleep

Congratulations to Jennifer F, lucky winner of the Nook pebble mattress in Cloud!

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