I know, I know. When you get down to it, most boys are just drawn to things with wheels and pointy teeth. In a world devoid of gender-specific toys, they would still manage to nibble a piece of cheese into the shape of a gun.

But what about moms who want something other than Tow Mater and Buzz Lightyear on those baby blue walls?

cabin + cub definitely delivers on hip designs for boys, now without all those ubiquitous automobiles or cartoon characters with a limited shelf life. I can see the retro-cool, hand-inked collages in simple frames, hanging in a room with hipster robots, vintage Pez dispensers, and retro plaid curtains. And the woodburned blocks would be eye-catching near vinyl decals of trees or a vintage Boy Scout theme. The prices are extremely reasonable for original works of art, and the prints are even more wallet-friendly.

Enjoy it as long as possible before the KISS posters go up. KISS is still cool, right?~Delilah   

Find hip, vintage-style artwork for boys (and girls, and moms) at cabin + cub on Etsy.

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