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I’m not always on the cutting edge of technology, something that was evident when I said to my husband, hey, you should check out this Pandora web site! It streams music to your computer or iphone, and it’s really cool!, and he looked at me with pity. Seems all the cool kids have known about Pandora for the past decade while I was getting the hang of breastfeeding and drawing happy faces on the peanut butter crackers.

But now I hold a little bit of news about Pandora that maybe even the cool kids don’t know: Pandora now has six stations specifically for kids’ music. And they (mostly) play the kind of stuff we love here at Cool Mom Picks.

Pandora’s Rockin’ Kids radio is my favorite of their kids’ stations, playing songs from Charity and the Jam Band and Ralph’s World. Their wide-spanning Radio for Kids station goes from high-energy to chill with tunes from Justin Roberts to Recess Monkey.

I will say that Toddler radio kicked off with a Wiggles song and, though I’m not a hater, I have yet to meet a parent who wishes they heard more Wiggles. And the Tween station has exactly what you think it’ll have, which is why I’m never telling my nine-year-old about it. But the good news is you can also make your own station with just those artists you love
and never have to use their handy “skip” button.

The best part to me is that it’s all free. Although for my daughter, the Tween station will cost her $100 a month. Heh. -Christina

Set up a free Pandora account and check out their six Children’s Stations from Rockin’ Kids to Sleepy Time. Upgrade to a paid subscription with Pandora One to eliminate all advertising and get some other features.

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