Michael Kors Upton sandal
I have been coveting this one pair of Michael Kors slides since I slipped my feet into them at local trendanista boutique, Scoop. On three different occasions. The buttery leather and comfy flat sole coupled with the perfect shade of neutral made it tops on my casual summer shoe covet list.

(Yes, I have multiple shoe covet lists subdivided by usage occasion. What? Doesn’t everyone?)

Then I happened to spot the very same Michael Kors sandals for $50 off at Zappos and hello! Guess who has a fabulous new pair of shoes?

While the upper had to break in a wee bit to stop poking me, I’m so happy with them. They’re a nice alternative to the ubiquitous gladiator thing this summer, and I doubt will feel as dated next season. But if you want to get a second season out of them, definitely bring them to your local shoe repair pronto and get a rubber sole put on over that thin leather sole. Then when we see each other on the street, we can put our feet together and shout, twins! –Liz

Find the Michael
Kors Upton Sandal
at Zappos for $50 off right now.

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