Name Bubbles Camp Pack - personalized labelsI’ve never been good at labeling my kids’ stuff which means I’ve paid the price in misplaced water bottles, forgotten jackets and other random missing objects. But with three kids going to camp this summer, I’d better get on my game to make sure what walks out of the house in the morning walks back in at the end of the day, albeit dirty and stinky.

I’m a big fan of Name Bubbles’ Camp Pack of colorful waterproof and laundry-safe personalized labels which get the job done in a lot less time than a Sharpie. You’ll get 124 press-and-stick labels for  kids’ reusable lunch bags, tubes of sun block, water bottles, shoes, even bathing suits. Mom and founder Michelle Brandriss even made sure the non-toxic, soy-based ink labels could stand up to those camp-required bug repellents and slimy sunscreens.

For those of us who have to send our kids out into this big bad world with a medical condition, I’m also grateful for the larger Medical Alert Labels with four lines of space to describe my daughter’s food allergy and even leave room for my cell phone number. Because as much as I want to see that backpack at the end of the camp day, I mostly just want to make sure she comes home safe and sound. -Christina

Congratulations to Lisa F, lucky winner of a Name Bubbles’ Camp Pack!