JJ Cole Collections pocket bib
After getting two kids through the messy eating phase and currently dealing with one who’s in the thick of it, I might just be a bib expert. And I have to say that the bibs from JJ Cole are some of my all-time favorites.

It doesn’t hurt that they’ve added two very adorable patterns for girls (pictured) and boys, but what I like is that the laminated canvas — which is PVC-free and pthalate-free by the way — is super easy to clean. Add the catch-most pocket that’s just the right size, along with neck snaps that stay closed despite the tug of a strong-armed little toddler, and you’ve got a winner.

At just $5.95, a price that made me do a double take, you don’t have to worry too much if for some reason one of these bibs undergoes a pasta sauce and blackberry assault. Even then, I’m betting these machine washable puppies will come out just fine. -Kristen

Check out the affordable baby bibs at JJ Cole, and don’t miss all their other stylish, functional baby products.

Congratulations to Erin H, lucky winner of the JJ Cole bib!


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